Proposed Agenda:

* Women empowerment
*Youth empowerment
* HIV and Aids prevention and treatment
* Child development* Employment
* Priority Public Health issues
* Child Abuse * Social exclusion
* Women and Gender equality
* Women and Sex Education
* Health Improvement
* Globalization and Health
* Peace and Security 
* Women and Child Trafficking.
* Human Rights Protection.
* Violence Against Women.etc

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 Side Attraction:

* Book launching
* Artistic and cultural activities
* Exhibitions and Grants Approvals
* Banquets, coffee break services
* Musical and Cultural presentations *Presentation of Grant and Charity Awards
* Humanitarian visits to selected Orphanages and Hospitals
* Opportunities for informal networking and alliance building

There will Interpretations in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and French languages during the period of this event.


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