Kahn Charitable Trust is a philanthropic initiative of Sir Philip Green which was registered on the 8th day of April 1980 with a vision of putting lost smiles back on the faces of less privileged persons across the globe. Majorly, this Trust was set up from mapped out revenues from the vast business dynasty and empire that was set up by Sir Philip Green. We aim to enable and empower Organizations and people to tackle poverty and its root causes, and to ensure that our funds reach those most in need.                                                                                            Sir Philip Green


The activities of this Fund are based on the philosophy: 'Love One Another'. We stand for a simple direct way to show our love, concern, compassion and care for the underprivileged. It believes that, as custodians of the gifts given to us, whether wealth or knowledge, we are to share these with the less fortunate in a bid to better their lives and make them more financially independent. It is worthy to note that the Fund has awarded about 125 grants with a total value of £2.6 Million since its inception.


Apart from other means of generating funds for its humanitarian activities, the Kahn Charitable Trust is majorly funded by Sir Philip Green. Sir Philip Green is a British billionaire businessman who owns some of the United Kingdom's largest retailers, including BHS and the Arcadia Group. At present, he is Britain's seventh richest man, with a total of 2300 shops in the UK and assets worth around £3.61bn. His assets currently control 12% of the UK clothing retail market, making his empire the second-largest in the sector.


Our main objective is to provide all persons and organizations involved in development, well-being and provision of Humanitarian assistance, access to a Financial Aids (Grants), technical know-how and ideas that they need to tackle poverty more efficiently in different parts of the world irrespective of nationality, race, religions, political system or color and thus increase the human potential.

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