International Multi Sectoral Conference

Participants are cordially invited to an international Multi-Sectoral conference organized by KAHN Charitable Trust London with the theme WOMEN/YOUTH EMPOWERMENT AND HIV/AIDS PREVENTION -THE WAY FORWARD”. This conference will take place at the Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester City from the 6th to 12th of May 2013.

The conference will bring together Leading figures in various sectors/Government and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) from across the World to discuss the several of ways of empowering the women/youths to succeed and how the society can protect them as it’s most valuable asset. This Conference will create an opportunity for participants to learn more about the impact of women and youth empowerment in combating the scourge of HIV/AIDS. Delegates will receive professional updates from experts internationally about the various ways of preventing HIV/AIDS epidemic and other serious health problems. The Conference will also provide an opportunity for participants to share insights and Experiences and to network with other colleagues from voluntary sectors, health, education, religious groups, Governments, social organizations, corporate bodies, local authorities and other areas. It is also an opportunity to get direct access to loans and grants from Participating donors and sponsors.

The opening address will be given by United Kingdom's Secretary of State for the Home Department and Minister for Women and Equality - The Rt Hon Theresa May (MP). Keynote Speakers include: Dr Margaret Chan: Director General of World Health Organization, Mr. Andrew Lansley: Minister of Health in England and the Scottish Minister of Health: Andy Kerr and others.

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